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Greenwood Plants, a family owned and operated business that's been growing with Rochester since 1978

Greenwood Plants is a small family business started in 1978 by Jerry and Nancy McGinnis.  They started Greenwood out of their home as a mail order business.  They took orders, then propagated miniature gesneriads (similar to African violets) and preceded to mail them to their customers.  By 1979 Jerry and Nancy decided to move to their current location, north on 18th Ave where the business really started to grow.  The business rapidly turned from a small mail order business to an interior plant maintenance service and local garden center.  Just a year after the move they built their first Lean-to greenhouse, attached to their house, which is still in use.  By 1981 the hoop houses began to be constructed, at our peak we had 13 hoop greenhouses, three of which we still use.  In the spring of 2000 continuing to 2002 the 7200sq ft Dutch style greenhouses were constructed that now serve as our main garden center.   In 2007 we tripled the area of our perennial yard to make it a total of 0.35 acres.

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